A lifetime of family. A shocking discovery. An impossible choice.
Father Figures is a POV documentary that journeys behind the lens of Canadian filmmaker April Butler as she examines her own 73-year-old father’s romantic relationship with a 23-year-old woman living in the Philippines.

Dale met Girlie on-line and 2 months later announced their engagement. Dale has moved Girlie from her family home in Roxas City, Philippines to a nearby apartment they both share. A wedding is on the horizon and Girlie is also hoping for a baby.
What begins as a quirky love story about family and a future step-mother half the filmmaker’s age, soon spirals into a world of poverty and western entitlement. As she follows the couple throughout Asia, April begins to wonder who is conning whom. Her moral compass already on high alert, all bets are off when an accidental discovery reveals a lie sending shock waves through Canadian and Filipino communities.
The filmmaker finds herself at a heart wrenching crossroads…at what price does the cost of family become too much?

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