Update, Deconstruction and Answers

June, 2014 Warning: Spoiler Alert I was stopped on the street recently by someone who recognized me. She gushed about how much she loved the movie and how brave it was for me to put it all out there. It still feels very uncomfortable that strangers know something so personal […] Read more »

Becoming a Blogger

I wasn’t really into writing down my thoughts and feelings for the documentary website. In fact, I really dug my heels in and tried to avoid doing it. In today’s Canadian documentary world, a documentary needs a website. A website, needs ‘rich and substantial’ content. To make www.fatherfiguresdocumentary.com rich and substantial, it […] Read more »

Why Do Father Figures?

When I first heard that my father Dale was dating someone 50 years younger, I started talking to friends and acquaintances about the situation. I was putting out feelers for how other people saw it, because I was having a whole range of different, confusing thoughts about the whole thing. […] Read more »

Stepping Out From Behind A Camera

Someone asked recently asked me how I was brave enough to step in front of the camera for Father Figures. To be honest, I didn’t really think it all the way through. When we started development of Father Figures, Gillian and I expected the POV (point of view) portion to […] Read more »

Filming with a small crew

After a viewing of one of our early rough cuts, one of the reactions was that it seemed distracting that I was always holding a camera. Was there any shots without April and the camera? Um no. I did always have a camera with me. As the director of photography, […] Read more »