Becoming a Blogger

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wasn’t really into writing down my thoughts and feelings for the documentary website. In fact, I really dug my heels in and tried to avoid doing it.

In today’s Canadian documentary world, a documentary needs a website. A website, needs ‘rich and substantial’ content. To make rich and substantial, it was strongly encouraged that Gillian and I both write blogs.

I’m fairly comfortable with my documentary abilities. My writing has been a small part of the many items that make up the big hunk of self-doubt that I carry with me.

In my career, I’m surrounded by professional writers. They spew prose with ease. Big words and interesting thoughts line the paper. I’m in awe with their abilities.

But I also wish I could dance and paint and free-climb a sailboat mast, so my ‘get great at’ list is pretty darn long.

At one time I thought I was a pretty good writer. In high school, I’d write essays and science reports and get a big fat A. I beamed with self-confidence.

Then came the confidence-sucking class at Cariboo College in Kamloops. I was taking Communications Media and was surrounded by future radio, newspaper and television professionals. I remember pouring my heart into an article, and the creative writing teacher made it pretty clear I sucked. (If you are reading this Mr. Red Headed writing teacher;  you could have been a little more tactful when crushing someone’s career dreams).

I was surrounded by talented people who have since made successful careers at writing. Fortunately, I discovered that my talent was in a visual medium — television. (Thank you Mr. Television Instructor for seeing my ability even though girls weren’t typically behind a camera.)

So now I am again faced with writing. I’ve loaded up my online Thesaurus so that I can use really big words and dazzle the readers with my word bling. My next obstacle to overcome is to figure out a subject that won’t bore the readers silly and won’t be too personal.

I’ve been obsessing of a topic for my blog for a few weeks when I got a good reality check. I was trying to do some difficult task. I can’t even remember (probably finding my way without a map), and my son, Rhys, who is wise beyond his nine years, said, “Just do your best.”

So here it goes. Protected with Rhys’s words, I’m going to do my best. No Thesaurus, and no attempts to dazzle. It’ll be a voyage into unchartered waters, but I’m going to be a blogger.